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  • Do you allow photography sessions?
    Yes we do allow them. To make sure that photographers are able to get the very best shots we do require they make a reservation with us to ensure you are the only ones photographing at that time. There is a small fee that ranges from $35-50 depending on the season.
  • Is your farm open to the public?
    Definitely! We love having visitors so feel free to visit us and walk around the farm during regular business hours. While we would love to be able to spend time giving tours and talking with every person that is not always possible. We do host regular tours and events where our farmers are available to answer questions.
  • What is a CSA, how does yours work?
    CSA stand for Community Supported Agriculture, where community members sign up and purchase a "share" in the farm. This production/marketing model works in many different ways on different farms. On our farm we sell our shares beginning in February, start distributions in May and wrap up by Thanksgiving. We host weekly pick-ups for 15 or 30 weeks and our members come by the farm to gather their share of the weeks harvest or we build their share for them and deliver it to their doorstep. Why do farmers choose this model? Simply put, they can focus their energy during the season on production instead of weekly marketing and sales because the produce has already been purchased by their members. It is a way for community members to support their local farmers and share in the risk and rewards that farmers face with the trust that their farmer is doing everything possible to ensure a bountiful and beautiful harvest! We love this model and our members love it too. Many of our members have been with us from year one and they love the community we are building.
  • Is a CSA membership a good fit for me?
    The truth is participating in a CSA is not a perfect fit for everyone. Ask yourself these questions- are you a super picky eater, do you prefer the same 3-4 vegetables every week, is your only regular vegetable a french fry? Than It may not be a good fit for you. But.... if you like to get an assortment of different types of vegetables, love trying new things and really want to eat local and seasonal foods, than this is for you! We grow for our CSA, while we do sell some of our produce at market, our growing style is for our members. We grow tons of varieties of each and every vegetable so that week after week you can try new flavors and fully experience the richness of every season.
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