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My grandmother loved walking through my garden during her summer visits to Parowan. Like me, she loved being surrounded by the abundance and beauty of a growing garden. Every spring she would send me a packet of sweet peas to plant. She would tell me about the beautiful sweet peas that grew on her fence and how much she loved their delicate sweet scent. When I made the decision to give up the garden and make the jump into full-time farming she was so excited. Although that was her last year with us, our mutual love for the beauty of growing is carried on here at the farm.



Meet Dayla, she is filled with passion for farming and good food. The farm is her happy place, she loves creating beauty with the land and with food. Farming successfully takes skill, experience, and education and Dayla has worked endlessly to make sure she covers all the bases to be her best and be the best for her community. She has earned a bachelor's degree in Agriculture from Southern Utah University and a master's degree in Sustainable Food Systems from Green Mountain College. She has been farming in the Parowan valley for almost 10 years and loves her community and her customers. 


We purchased our land in 2014 and have spent every year since doing our best to care for the soil and the community. Armed with passion and willingness to work hard we began the process of turning our 3 acres into the farm of my dreams. With some good experiences behind us and a solid team working by our sides, we grow a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, and flowers while running our farmstand and small batch kitchen. Providing our CSA members and community with local, fresh, high-quality food. In 2018 we began hosting breakfast on the farm and it has become a cornerstone of our farm. 

Local food systems are a integral part of every community and we are so grateful for the role we play on ours. We are forever grateful to be doing what we do and for the support of people like you! 

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