Below is a complete list of the crops we will be sowing this season and when we plan on harvesting those crops. Every season presents different challenges and ultimately all of our crops will not succeed but with planning and back-ups we try to ensure a minimum of 6 (or more) different items in each weeks CSA.

Beans: summer

Beets: spring, fall

Broccoli: fall

Cabbage: fall

Chinese Cabbage: spring, fall

Cantaloupe: summer

Carrot: spring, summer, fall

Cauliflower: fall

Celery: fall

Chard: spring, fall

Collards: spring, fall

Cucumber: summer

Eggplant: summer

Fennel: fall

Garlic: summer

Garlic Scapes: spring

Greens: spring, fall

Kale: spring, fall

Kohlrabi: spring, fall

Leeks: fall

Head lettuce: spring, summer, fall

Onion: summer, fall

Parsnip: fall

Peas, snap: spring

Peas, snow: spring

Pepper, Hot: summer

Pepper, sweet: summer

Potato: fall

Pumpkin: fall

Radish: spring, fall

Rutabaga: fall

Scallions: spring, summer, fall

Spinach: spring, fall

Squash, summer: summer

Squash, Winter: fall

Tomatillo: summer

Tomato: Cherry: summer

Tomato: summer

Turnip, Salad: spring, fall

Turnip: fall

Watermelon: summer

Herbs: spring, summer, fall

Fruit: summer, fall