About Our Name

My grandmother loved walking through my garden during her summer visits to Parowan. Like me, she loved being surrounded by the abundance and beauty of a growing garden. Every spring she would send me a packet of sweet peas to plant in my garden. She would tell me about the beautiful sweet peas that grew on her fence and how much she loved their delicate sweet scent. When I made the decision to give up the garden and make the jump onto full time farming she was so excited. Although that was her last year with us, our mutual love for the beauty of growing is carried on here at the farm.

About Our Farm

Sweet Pea Farm and Orchard was established in 2014, by a first generation farmer, with the hopes of providing the community with healthy delicious food, seasonal flowers and an inviting space to connect with others and enjoy the beauty. Edge to edge, the land is filled with hundreds of varieties of heirloom and specifically chosen hybrid vegetables, herbs and a small selection of flowers and fruits. Hidden in the back is a rambunctious beehive that has worked hard for years pollinating the fields and greenhouses. We make the best out of our short season in the high dessert by using greenhouses and as many reasonable season extension tools as feasible. Each summer we work hard to create amazing events that provide an opportunity for the community to spend time enjoying the beauty and engaging with the farmers and each other. 

Our Growing Methods:
  • Chemical free weed management-- we use flame weeding techniques, mechanical weeding techniques and everyone's favorite... hand weeding. 
  •  Natural pest management--  we believe in promoting a healthy diverse pest population to balance and control the damage by destructive pests. When certain pest populations begin to take over we use only organic solutions to help bring them back to manageable levels.
  • Water efficiency-- we use subterranean drip lines along with plastic/natural mulch to reduce water waste. 
  • Biodiversity is very important to maintaining healthy pest populations as well as providing substantial food sources for our pollinators. We maintain some natural habitat, incorporate flowers, companion plantings and crop rotation to ensure a healthy growing system.
  • Soil Health is the foundation to a productive farm. We aim to increase soil health by using cover crops, crop rotations and natural fertilizers/manures to increase organic matter and maintain healthy nutrient levels.
  • Season Extension-- with the new green house and hoop-houses being installed this year we will be able to grow healthy and delicious produce all year round.
  • Chemical Free Orchard Management- The old orchard is slowly being restored to a healthy productive part of our farm. 
  • Pollinators are crucial to the success of our food system and we do our best to support them by offering a sufficient food system. We have several hives of bees to add to our natural pollinator population. When available we offer additional honey supply to our customers, but we reserve the bulk of the honey production to sustain our bees during the winter months.
  • We use bio-intensive planting methods to increase land efficiency, reduce weed pressure and increase water efficiency.